Paul Uzo praises Chief Exec. Paul Reid for Integration and Social Cohesion Strategy in Fingal County Council

Mr Paul Reid

Chief Executive

Fingal County Council

Subject: Integration and Social Cohesion Strategy for Fingal County Council

Dear Sir,

I have the honour most respectfully to lodge with you on behalf of myself and other African Associations our words of appreciation following news of the development of an Integration and Social Cohesion Strategy for Fingal County Council.

It was enormously satisfying when we gathered that an Expert Advisory Group met with Fingal County Council officials to develop an integration and social cohesion strategy on the 18th of November 2018. This bold step is an indication of better things to come.

We are also working hard to be part of the integration and social cohesion plan under your great leadership that allows the basic access needs of individuals and societies to be met safely and in a manner consistent with human and eco-system health, and with equity within and between generations.

We are ready to assist in whatever we can in accordance and fulfilment of the stipulations of the Integration Social Cohesion Strategy.  Some have opined that having different peoples and nationalities living here in Fingal County is a problem. However, the coming to be of the Integration and Social Cohesion policy heralds the view that as Chief Executive of Fingal County Council, you feel it offers a vast opportunity for the future. To this I salute you!

 While thanking you for this brilliant initiative, it is my hope that people that want this country to be an open country, a country of tolerance, a country where justice prevails and where the colour of a man’s skin and his country of origin are of no significance should give you their unflinching support.

Sincerely yours

Paul Uzo

PAUL UZO: Passionate to Serve!

Paul has lived in Swords for 14 years and has been very active in the local community which includes church and social groups as well as serving on many committees. Paul attended both Whitehall College and Dublin Business School where he studied financial and legal services and International Sales for Sales Professionals respectively.

Paul Uzo has worked with several organisations including Penney’s (Primark), where he worked for 12 years rising to the position of Department Manager. Presently, Paul works with Ingelgate Ltd. (Emergency Accommodation for the Homeless) in Swords.

Paul is very passionate about working on behalf of community needs and has served in different capacities for various organisations which include the following:- Fingal Public Participation Network, Royal Friends Club of Ireland, Knight of St Columbanus – African Chaplaincy Archdiocese, Anambra Irish Professional Association (AIPA) Ireland ( Paul is presently active with his local Residents Association and Community Centre, The Tidy Town and Cleaner Community Initiative as well as being passionately involved in providing meals for the homeless.

Paul was invited to speak by parents concerned with the rise in conflicts between rival groups of young people in Fingal and has addressed various communities in Fingal on the need for cohesion and integration and the importance and influence of families in achieving this. In turn this will lead to respect for the law and peaceful co-existence to the benefit of all.

Paul Uzo has the experience, the passion and the ability to be a bridge between the immigrant (New Irish) and the entire Irish community. Paul is looking forward to representing the community in a more influential and official capacity after the elections.

Sir Paul Uzo lends support to Restoration of Birthright Citizenship bill

Paul Uzo supports Restoration of Birthright Citizenship Bill

Sir Paul Uzo is lending support to a bill that would restore the right of those born in Ireland to become Irish citizens which has been put forward by the Solidarity Party before the Dáil for debate on Thursday.

All children born in the island of Ireland to non-national parents lost the right to automatic citizenship after the 2004 citizenship referendum which was endorsed by 79 percent of voters.

This new Bill, termed “The Irish Nationality and Citizenship (Restoration of Birthright Citizenship) Bill 2017”, if and when passed, would reverse the changes to the Irish Citizenship law that was implemented in 2005 following the 2004 referendum and restore automatic Irish citizenship to everyone born on the island of Ireland regardless of their parents’ status.

Speaking further, Paul Uzo, an established resident and upstanding member of the River Valley Community, Swords, said that this is the 21st century and the beauty of modern day Ireland is its diversity; but a situation where people, especially children, are being threatened with deportation to places they have never been to, despite having lived all their life here, is not just unfair but morally unjust. He said such injustices should no longer have a place in today’s Ireland and called on all concerned parties to stand up for this bill when it comes up for debate at the Dáil.

By: Ikem Obiozor (Lucan)

Paul Uzo welcomes Fingal County Council Initiative

Paul Uzo of the Anambra Irish Professionals Association (AIPA) Ireland, has welcomed the introduction of an Integration and Social Cohesion Strategy for Fingal County Council. Sir Uzo told Cameroon Concord News correspondent in Ireland that he was reliably informed about a meeting with the – Expert Advisory Group on the 18th of November 2018 and he was satisfied with the support Fingal County Council was getting from the Integration and Social Cohesion Strategy group.

Paul Uzo revealed that the Anambra Irish Professionals Association (AIPA) Ireland was in the process of submitting an introductory letter setting out AIPA Ireland’s objectives as regards integration initiatives that the Fingal County Council was considering. Mr. Uzo said AIPA Ireland is willing to liaise with Fingal County Council to help in developing this project.

By Wills Enow in Swords

Paul Uzo speaks on Integration within Fingal County

Paul Uzo on Integration

Paul Uzo has made public his intention to rally all ethnic minority groups with the Fingal County towards achieving a proper and positive integration in Ireland. Mr Uzo was addressing members of the Fingal Africa Association recently in Swords, “I will be proud to serve you people when the opportunity comes up in the Fingal County Council.”

Paul Uzo revealed that the Fingal County Council was planning to set up an integration committee that will attract men with the vision to encourage inclusion, equality, respect and law and order. Uzo, who recently met with Pope Francis during the Prelate’s visit to Ireland hinted that migrants should take advantage of the Irish hospitality and make Ireland their home.

By Wills Enow in Swords