From the Paul Uzo Campaign

It is no longer a secret that Paul Uzo is seeking public office in Swords. His campaign team is very much aware that Paul requires power of persuasion, which is one of the most obvious in an election discourse. Paul will be speaking to us for the first time tomorrow Saturday the 9th of February in a soul-searching speech that will allow our candidate to introduce himself to potential voters like you and to express his concerns about the problems in Swords that must be addressed and also to propose solutions. 
We all are expected tomorrow to help Paul Uzo find a common ground with the Swords electorate and to help him persuade thousands in Swords to cast a ballot in his interest. We of the Sir Paul Uzo Campaign Team have notice that Paul has a huge sense of humour which will help us break the ice in many of our town hall meetings.
Tomorrow Paul Uzo will pay homage to the men and women pushing the new Irish agenda in this great nation and he will lay out his central idea, which the campaign team believes will be succinct and memorable.
In tomorrow’s meeting, we all are expected to help Paul outline problems and challenges in a way that the Swords electorate will know that our candidate has an understanding of the community that he intends to represent. 
We of the Sir Paul Uzo Campaign are making sure that the meat and potatoes of Paul’s speeches throughout this period must follow and address issues in Swords and not beyond.
Here is a tentative program for tomorrow’s meeting:
3-Purpose and Overview: Paul Uzo
4-Orientation: Joe Newman
5-Planning for Improvement
6-Campaign Funding
Please feel free to suggest anything that can be added on the agenda
To this I put my name
Soter Tarh Agbaw-Ebai
Sir Paul Uzo Campaign Chair

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