For my Swords, Paul Uzo is the Independent Candidate with the plan

For the many who know Paul Uzo, they are all aware that Paul is obsessed with the New Ireland Initiative of Cohesion. The New Ireland needs local leaders to strengthen the relationship between the local council and the general public. We of the Paul Uzo Campaign Team are delighted that Paul has set out a comprehensive plan to be a strong voice in social cohesion.

Paul also carries with him so much compassion for children with special needs and he also has a comprehensive plan to foster more awareness and to encourage local bodies and school boards to provide more special needs assistants to ensure those that actually need it are provided and assisted with an education to achieve their potential.

Paul will work with our Local Enterprise Office-the agency that provides local opportunities and special assistance to the unemployed in seeking out and applying for employment.

Paul will encourage community policing to crack down burglaries in Swords. He recently opined that if elected he will foster more intensive and productive cooperation with the Gardai.

Paul will campaign with the people of Swords for the creation of new sporting facilities in the county for all sporting codes.

As a package this plan will make an immense difference to the lives of the people of Swords.  Over the coming weeks Paul will be announcing further important measures to tackle Swords’s antisocial activity of youth gangs. We can think of no more important thing for any of our next councillor to do and that is why we will be campaigning for Paul Uzo.

Paul Uzo Campaign

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