Paul Uzo

Paul Uzo, a resident of River Valley Community, Swords has been a very active member of Community for about 14 years now, belonging to various social and religious groups and serving on many of their committees. Paul attended both Whitehall College and Dublin Business School where he studied Financial and Legal Services and International Sales for Sales Professionals respectively.

Passionate to Serve:

Paul is very passionate about working on behalf of community needs and has served in different capacities for various organisations which include the following:- Fingal Public Participation Network, Royal Friends Club of Ireland, Knight of St Columbanus – African Chaplaincy Archdiocese, Anambra Irish Professional Association (AIPA) Ireland ( Paul is presently active with his local Residents Association and Community Centre, The Tidy Town and Cleaner Community Initiative as well as being passionately involved in providing meals for the homeless.

With the rise in youth gang conflicts in the Fingal area, Paul was invited to speak by concerned parents and he has addressed various communities on the need for cohesion and integration as well as the importance and influence of families in achieving this. In turn this will lead to respect for the law and peaceful co-existence to the benefit of all.

Paul Uzo has the experience, the passion and the ability to be a bridge between the immigrant (New Irish) and the entire Irish community. Paul is looking forward to representing the community in a more influential and official capacity after the elections.