Sir Paul Uzo lends support to Restoration of Birthright Citizenship bill

Paul Uzo supports Restoration of Birthright Citizenship Bill

Sir Paul Uzo is lending support to a bill that would restore the right of those born in Ireland to become Irish citizens which has been put forward by the Solidarity Party before the Dáil for debate on Thursday.

All children born in the island of Ireland to non-national parents lost the right to automatic citizenship after the 2004 citizenship referendum which was endorsed by 79 percent of voters.

This new Bill, termed “The Irish Nationality and Citizenship (Restoration of Birthright Citizenship) Bill 2017”, if and when passed, would reverse the changes to the Irish Citizenship law that was implemented in 2005 following the 2004 referendum and restore automatic Irish citizenship to everyone born on the island of Ireland regardless of their parents’ status.

Speaking further, Paul Uzo, an established resident and upstanding member of the River Valley Community, Swords, said that this is the 21st century and the beauty of modern day Ireland is its diversity; but a situation where people, especially children, are being threatened with deportation to places they have never been to, despite having lived all their life here, is not just unfair but morally unjust. He said such injustices should no longer have a place in today’s Ireland and called on all concerned parties to stand up for this bill when it comes up for debate at the Dáil.

By: Ikem Obiozor (Lucan)